Sandalwood Sires

SPM 610 & sons

Sandalwood Poll Merinos Tag 610 x SPM 3 x SPM 14 x Banavie Dam.

Two sons were retained to the stud due to their superior wool and strong constitution. They have big heads and ears with a pure poll as well as good feet and structure. You can see breeding predictability sons look like their Dad. Great nourished wools to handle any environment.

Moorundie 201 Sons

Plain bodies with rich wools, great bone, depth of body and structure. Long bodies, huge heads and ears and pure poll.

SPM 60 x SPM 1 x Moorundie W73

Wide chest with a good spring of rib. Heavy bone and massive pure muzzle with big ears and a pure poll. Tremendous lock and nourishment with proven breeding predictability.

SPM x Tamaleuca

Perfectly balanced rams with great structure. Very deep side and wide chest. Huge head and muzzle with rich wool and skin.

SPM 612 x SPM 9 x Tamaleuca

Superb rich crimpy wools with heavy bone, good structure and wide long pure muzzles. Complete package of wool and meat. Excellent breeding predictability with wool to handle any environment. 

SPM 453 x Moorundie 201

Long deep square bodIes. White bright high yielding crimpy wool. Huge heads and ears with a pure muzzles and pure polls.

SPM 401 x Moorundie 201

Deep long body with a long neck extension and huge head and ears. Super nourished high yielding white crimpy wool.

Contact Justin or Paul for a chat:
Justin: 0423 065 513 Paul: 0435 230 607

SPM 612 Stud Sire Reserve 2021

Mic 18.8 SD 3 CV 16 CF 99.7
99kg FAT 6.5 EMD 37
Sire: KNP6 X Tamaleuca

Contact Justin or Paul for a chat:

Justin: 0423 065 513
Paul: 0435 230 607